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Am I Broken: Survivor Stories

Papillon DeBoer

We sit with survivors of sexual trauma, who share their stories of abuse and healing.
S3 Ep8 Kat - "I Certainly Lost Faith in People"May 02, 2022 Episode artwork S3 Ep7 Red - "I Was Still Gaslighting Myself"April 02, 2022 Episode artwork S3 Ep6 Hannah - "You're Gonna Have to Pay for This"March 01, 2022 Episode artwork S3 Ep5 Pat - "This Person Held the Trust of So Many"January 31, 2022 Episode artwork S3 Ep4 Gabi - "This Has Happened Before"January 02, 2022 Episode artwork S3 Ep3 Elle - "I Have This Connection With Her, And I'm Betraying Her"December 01, 2021 Episode artwork S3 Ep2 Tom - "Didn't Make Space For Any of My Truth"October 31, 2021 Episode artwork S3Ep1 Lee Anne - "But It Wasn't Over"October 01, 2021 Episode artwork S2 Ep12 Deborah - "I Didn't Know What I'd Done Wrong"May 31, 2021 Episode artwork S2Ep11 Kellie - "He Would Get This Certain Look In His Eyes"April 30, 2021 Episode artwork S2Ep10 Rachael - "All of a Sudden It Came Tumbling Down"March 31, 2021 Episode artwork S2Ep9 Janitta - "We Are All in a World Full of Broken People"March 01, 2021 Episode artwork S2Ep8 Jamie - "I Thought I Had Caused All of It"January 31, 2021 Episode artwork S2Ep7 Veronica - "Coercion Is Still Rape"January 31, 2021 Episode artwork S2Ep6 Mark - "Because I Didn't Have Power"January 31, 2021 Episode artwork S2Ep5 Carey - "Someone Else Was Supposed To Protect Me"December 01, 2020 Episode artwork S2Ep4 Grey - "And Now Suddenly I Had Lost Control of My Own Story"December 01, 2020 Episode artwork S2Ep3 Eric - "I Didn't Have My Own Feelings"October 31, 2020 Episode artwork S2Ep2 Angela - "It Feels Like They're Grains of Sand"October 31, 2020 Episode artwork S2Ep1 Poppy - "All That Rage Came Out of Tremendous Loneliness and Pain"October 01, 2020 Episode artwork S1Ep17 Bonus Episode 3 - Mapping the Healing PathJune 03, 2020 Episode artwork S1Ep14 John - "By Trying to Protect Yourself So Much, You Actually Injure Yourself"May 29, 2020 Episode artwork S1Ep13 Tomi - "It Felt Hopeless"May 29, 2020 Episode artwork S1Ep16 Bonus Episode 2 - Mapping the Healing PathMay 22, 2020 Episode artwork S1Ep15 Bonus Episode 1 - Mapping the Healing PathMay 11, 2020 Episode artwork